Maximize the effect of your print spend

To manage your marketing supply chain, you need to navigate the traditional print-buying process that is complex, inefficient, outdated, and expensive.

Achieve-Tech’s professional team revolutionizes all these and we help manages your entire print portfolio.

Our streamlined operations oversee the full spectrum of marketing execution activities:

from innovative creative design to production, inventory warehousing and delivery of print, as well as data analysis,

we satisfy your print demand timely and efficiently, also provide data support for your marketing execution decision.

Professional Pre-media management guarantee the high level accuracy,

cost effectiveness and efficiency of print process.

Through Pro network storage server, file makers can access directly on file server with free sharing of working files among multiple users, which avoid unnecessary copy and movement of operational files , so increase efficiency and eliminate human mistake in process.

After order completed harddisc filing will be performed in order to save network storage space of the server.

By simulating mass production process and output the samples with digital proofing method, we significantly shorten the lead time of customer standard sample approval, and also reduce the cost of the sample proofing process.

Relying on professional equipment and reliable process, we standardize the icc characteristic curve of digital proofing, plate output and printers, and ensure the consistency between digital sampling and mass production.

Our professional color management procedures standardize the color space of all process including sample proofing, plate output and mass printing to guarantee the same color result in mass production as shown by the samples.

By combining Color management and multl-location management system we maintain color consistency among different lots from different sites.

Our SQE personnel also involve in all mass printing process to monitor any possible variance happened in production and ensure final products of good quality and enough quantity can be delivered on time.

Not only maintain high quality level normal service

but also provide online and on-site service for key clients.

On-Site design: Our designers stand by clients to provide speedy response on any creative demand.

On-Site material controlling: Our CSR work together with clients to collect and analyze material demand,

adjust print scheduling accordingly any time and realize flexible supply of printing material.

On-Line tracking: We provide strategic clients on-line inventory & distribution system, allow clients to monitor inventory dynamics and track products on-way status.

Professionalism yields reults

With our accumulated experience and proprietary technology, Achieve-Tech disrupted the print management industry more

than a decade ago to reduce complexity, boost efficiency, improve turnaround times, and reduce costs.

We combine proprietary technology with our vast buying power to optimize clients’ print management process,

shorten time to market, enhance visibility and uphold brand performance.

Client’s benefits include

· Contractual savings commitments: With hundreds millions of RMB printing business under management and a network of 1,000+ suppliers,

  you will save 5%+ without sacrificing quality.

· Transparency: Our model is fully self-funded and transparent. We build mutually beneficial partnerships that align our interests with yours.

· Data-driven decisions: Our proprietary technology identifies the appropriate suppliers and marketing prices with our historical pricing database.

  We match your unique print project to the right supplier for every campaign.